Effective methods of prevention of prostatitis

Inflammatory lesions of the tissues of the prostate will bring together representatives of the male sex quite often. Given that the vast majority of men prefer to avoid contact with by the urologist, a specialist, patients are already in running the prostatitis, which sometimes is the time to become chronic. To prevent a worsening or recurrence of the pathology, prevention of prostatitis in men at home. These measures will be useful, and the representatives of the stronger sex, who has not yet met with prostatic inflammation.

During any sports extend youth

Why pathology

Prostatitis is considered chronic or acute inflammation in the tissues of the prostate gland in men. The disease may develop on the background infectious, venous disease maltsovyh Croisette, immune function, or innervation of the violation and pr The most frequent reasons of development of inflammation of the prostate consider the state as:

  • A long abstinence from sex;
  • Unhealthy preferences such as smoking or abuse of alcohol;
  • Frequent sexual contacts with different partners;
  • The practice of the interruption of the palestinian authority as a method of contraception, the delay of ejaculation;
  • Hemorrhoids and frequent defecation delays;
  • Geodinamicheskogo, sedentary lifestyle;
  • Unhealthy, messy food, because of which occur veselinovskiy and metabolic disorders;
  • Chronic diseases the genito-urinary tract;
  • Urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases;
  • The abuse of fatty and spicy, sharp or salty;
  • The oppressed of the immunity.

Earlier, the patient reacts to the onset of symptoms of the pathology, the greater the chances of avoiding chronicity and the long-term treatment of prostatitis.

Treatment of prostatitis in the home without complex therapeutic approach is impossible. But, in addition, requires a series of measures to prevent the recurrence of the inflammation. At the prostatitis, these activities are not less important than the primary treatment.

The prevention and treatment of prostatitis should be sent to the elimination of the triggering factors of the pathology. It is absolutely necessary to take into account the characteristics of male age, the severity of the inflammation, the immune status and other to the prevention of prostatitis can each patient, the results of the risk of onset of the disease to the maximum will decrease.

When the chronic prostatitis a steady stream of compliance with prevention recommendations helps to maintain remissione the state over a long enough period of time, which can then lead to the complete cure of the disease. After the end of treatment for the prevention of the recurrence, you can apply supports prevention as the change of diet and mode of life, the elimination of craving unhealthy, healthy lifestyles, etc

Such a pathology such as prostatitis, prevention is of two types: primary or secondary. Primary prevention is relevant in cases where the patient has never been prostatitis. If a man has a chronic form of inflammation, it is necessary for the prevention of prostatitis with the secondary of a complex of activities.

For the primary prevention of benign prostate inflammation regularly enough to do gymnastics, to exclude unhealthy addiction to remove the excess weight and to eat properly, and also, to provide regularity in the sexual life. It is an improvement of the immune status, profilaktirujut prostatic and malacatoya of the flow. Physical activity and a certain load are considered as the main points to the primary prevention of development of inflammation of the prostate.

If the patient already has a chronic form of the disease, the prevention of prostatitis in domestic unloveable mandatory, because only with the help of these measures, you can avoid the aggravation of such a bad disease and its complications. Here also used in physical training, smoking cessation and alcohol, but the basis is the receipt of specific drugs.

To be effective means of prevention of prostatitis

Preventive program against prostatic inflammation is composed of a multitude of certain activities, greatly enhance the patient's quality of life and prevent the onset of the disease in any form.

The regular sexual life has a positive impact on the human body
  • It is particularly important to prevent the disease in people who belong to the risk group benign prostate inflammation.
  • These patients it is extremely important to undergo regular urological survey and to perform the services of the preventive action.
  • The disease can manifest itself in all men in good health, so how to prevent the prostatitis, will be useful to all.
  • With age, almost every representative of the stronger sex may cause prostatic inflammation, even if his lifestyle is far from sedentary.
  • After 40 years of age of all men, it is necessary to think of serious counter-measures in case of threats to the development of benign prostate inflammation.
  • Must often walk to the urologist for the inspection, review the diet and habits, most of the walk and perform daily exercise.

It all depends on the patient, serious, he refers to the urinary tract health. In fact, much more easy and easier to prevent the inflammation, rather than spend a long therapy for its elimination.

An active lifestyle

Anti-prostatic activities necessarily include active vital functions of the patient. Low regular charge as a prevent the development of inflammatory processes in the gland. Why is it important to take hyperdynamics life. Quite simply, in the group of risk of occurrence of a disease includes men who have excess weight, and a sit-in in the work. Moreover, according to the statistics, after 40 years of age, the most common causes prostatic inflammation are obesity and physical inactivity.

The standard load of moderate nature to help strengthen the immune status. It is recommended to actively engage in sports, swimming, running and skiing. Your ideal job will be a scandinavian or a simple walking, climbing or hiking. Certain postures of yoga is incredibly beneficial for body of men, they help to strengthen pelvic crouzille.

Incompatible with the prevention of prostatitis view of the training of the athletes are considered as hiking, cycling or horse riding, which can lead to damage to the area perineal. Also, do not weight train. In the case of an aggravation of a chronic form of the disease, with exercises will need to attach, until the remission.

The sexual life

Of great importance in the way to prevent prostatitis, has a good sex life. An adult male it is extremely important to have regular reports of discharge in order to avoid the drain prostatic secret and the Croisette in maltatoday domain. A prerequisite is the existence of the only constant of his partner, since the damage to urinary path diverse microflora only to promote the development of benign prostate inflammation.

If the sex is happening in the life of a patient from time to time, in the lobules glandular accumulates the secret of the prostate, and a variety of decomposition products which appear only in the natural process of ejaculation. Moreover, when the ejaculation is active reduce maltsovyh muscle, which is also favored kind of exercise. It is by virtue of any of the factors regular sexy to the proximity of the men, are essential for the conservation of the genito-health.

Not the less attention requires such a question, such as self-satisfaction.

  • If due to some circumstances, the patient is not a constant sexual partner, the urologists recommend practicing masturbation.
  • A few decades ago is similar to the self-satisfaction has been seen as something incredibly shameful, however, after a number of scientific studies have shown that for the prevention of the flow of secret in the iron and blood in the maltsovyh vessels need to masturbate.
  • Certainly, between self-love and natural sexual contact is better to choose the second option, because during intercourse, the muscles contract much more intense, and the circulation of the blood flow speeds up significantly.

Therefore, in terms of gender male for the prevention of prostatic inflammation, we need regular sex with a woman. When this categorically unacceptable to use the interruption of the act as tools for the prevention of conception.

Plays an important role in the composition of the diet


Can't do prevention protivodiabeticheskie of the event and without therapeutic feeding, basic principles that is a tool of defecation delays, except for the effect of irritation on the prostate, as well as the provision of adequate nutritious foods and the blood circulation in the gland. Must comply with the drinking, but you can't leave the night disturbed urinary urge.

In order not to be disturbed frequent constipation, it is advisable in addition to consume dairy products low in fat. Also, the food must be focused on the improvement of the immune status, which you need to plan your diet in order to incorporate the optimal number of micronutrients.

A preventive framework of the diet are lean meat, the consumption of greens and vegetables. And here are the fatty fish and the meat is prohibited. You need to include in the menu, the zinc products such as cucurbit seeds (50 stuff in the day). It is necessary to drink more fresh fruit juice. It is strictly forbidden of all things spicy and pickled, pickles, and cold meats, as well as alcohol, because these products are considered as the main prostatic irritants and can cause an exacerbation of the inflammatory process.

Harmful dependence

The above is already was the prohibition to consume alcohol. If the remission lasts long enough, then a small amount of alcohol, the patient is allowed. Minimum amounts of alcohol is not harmful to health, and even on the contrary, the alcohol helps to strengthen the blood circulation, which has a positive impact on the duration of sexual intercourse. But at higher doses of alcohol is the enemy of the prostate and health in general.

The abuse of alcohol, the self-mastery of the patient decreases, the man forgets precaution can be too cold, which will lead to inflammation. Especially dangerous such as hypothermia for men with a previous history of prostatitis. Yes, and irritation of alcohol on the gland nothing good patient does not promise. Therefore, inordinate consumption of alcohol to the prostatitis is incompatible.

Defend against infections

The activities of prevention of prostatitis make sure that you include and protection against all kinds of infectious diseases. It is sufficient in most clinical cases of pathology that develops on the bottom of the penetration of the pathogens in urinary tract infections.

  1. If the patient held urinary infection, you should immediately begin to resolve the main infectious focus, in order to avoid the spread of infection.
  2. Also cause an infection, intestinal conditions. You should carefully monitor the status of GASTRO, avoid the delays of development of the defecation or diarrhea, as these disorders lead to a decrease in intestinal immunity.
  3. Also need to avoid the formation of anal fissures and hemorrhoids.
  4. Dangerous for the prostate pathology of the system mochevyvodjashie, for the prevention of which is expected to quickly empty the bladder, to avoid the overflow request for information to the bladder. If the admit long bladder, the overflow, the risk of maltasong of infection increases several times.
A joint support

Protection against infectious diseases and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, in fact, STIS greatly increase the likelihood of prostatic inflammation. Therefore, the men, where prostate health is a value, it is necessary to avoid the links at random, especially without contraception, barrier.

Massage for the prevention of

Protivopsoriaticescoe prevention necessarily involves massage stimulation of the prostate. These procedures are performed, subject to the absence of aggravation. Cure stimulation of the prostate contributes to the timely flow of secretions and liquids build up in the gland in due to inflammatory process.

Usually, urologists recommending finger, the stimulation of the thyroid gland, which can eliminate venous the flow and to improve malotto the bloodstream. For the prostate to work fully, it is necessary to pass a complete course in massage, which means that the order of 8-10 procedures.

In addition to the aggravation of benign prostate stimulation is contraindicated in the presence of the cancer process, stones in the gland, haemorrhoids, renal and urinary acute pathologies. Before performing a massage of the stimulation, you need to ensure the absence of contraindications.


For the prevention of benign prostate inflammation of men are affected medications that reduce the probability of infection, sanofi-hormonal balance and blood flow, development tool maltsovyh the flow, restorative metabolism and veselinovskiy process.

Drugs designed to the prophylactic administration of prostatitis quite varicose veins. These drugs prevent malacatoya africaart flow, inflammation of the prostate and contribute to the elimination of the swelling. To improve the immune status may have need of the vitamin.

The vitamins and various Supplements

For a complementary therapy or as a preventive method for patients at risk of or to persons who already have prostatitis, it is recommended to take remedies of plant origin, to prevent complications.

These medicines contribute to the improvement of the quality of the seminal fluid and help to improve the tone bladder muscle tissue. The application of dietary supplements can get rid of the swelling and the maltsovyh the drain, management of inflammatory processes, helps to restore the sexual function and the management of the urinary pain.

Prevention of gymnastics

Physical inactivity is one of the main causes of prostatitis. Inactivity causes malacatoya the flow, breaks the supply of blood to all the agencies in this field. To prevent the onset of a prostatic inflammation in men it is recommended to perform specific exercises.

  • The muscular tension. Need to form the perineal muscles if you try to stop urinating. This voltage must be done 200 times with the approach, only 4 approach per day;
  • Similar to the exercise, only on the muscles of the anus it is necessary to make 5-p/j, inanimate in the anus serr 10 seconds;
  • Vehicles. It is necessary to perform squats in half, with by spreading the knees on the sides;
  • Walk the walk. Need to do a walk walk on the spot, lifting up the knees;
  • A bike. Perform movements imitating the bike, lying on its back with legs in the air.

Start a workout with the simple sit-ups, all the days by making an exercise more. When the body adjusts, you can turn it to the inside of the walk on the buttocks and other complex elements.

The yoga of power

The hardness, a sauna and a steam bath

Patients with the chronic prostatitis is from overheating, so the visits to the sauna or the bath will need to exclude recreational activities. But if the remission of long duration, and manifestations, pointing to a worsening non-heating dry scorching urologists is not prohibited.

Hot and dry, the air in the bathroom warms the body and stimulates blood circulation, strengthens veselinovskiy process. In this case, the steam performs physiotherapy service. But without fanaticism.

Deserve special attention of the swim in the ice and attempts to spray ice-cold water. This practice leads to an exacerbation of the inflammation, therefore, prohibited to patients in the risk group for the development of prostatitis.

Regular reviews of

Patients after 40 years, a health check by palpation of the gland inspection of the urologist takes place every year. Why is this the age? Just after 40 years in men begin to age the process of structural prostatic changes, you receive a hyperplasia.

This age is dangerous and the propensity of the brain, so do not neglect inspections is not worth it. Earlier identifies a disease, the more the rest of his therapy.

As is often the need to make the prevention

The basic objective is to prevent the chronicity of inflammation in benign prostate tissue. Because urological inspection should be every year. If she had the prostatitis acute, after his recovery in the first 12 months, you must pass an exam once every 3 months. After that, in a period of 3 years to attend the urologist has recommended once per month. If warning signs do present, you can take exams once in the year.