The most effective means for the treatment of prostatitis

To combat the inflammatory process in prostatitis, in fact, the application of these methods:

  1. Antibacterial drugs.
  2. Anti-inflammatory drugs.
  3. Immunostimulant.
  4. The treatment of prostatitis
  5. The course of physiotherapy.
  6. Therapy using the tools of traditional medicine.
  7. Use of antidepressants and effective sedation.

A full treatment of prostatitis helps to get rid of all the possible causes of the disease or factors conducive to its development.

The treatment involves the use of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. If the prostate is the nature, the patients of antibiotics are prescribed. Depending on the choice of the antibacterial agent of the fund is determined by the degree of sensitivity of the microorganisms to the medication.

Today, urologists often recommend to their patients the macro twin lite. These modern apartments substances can seep into the tissue of the affected organ. The peculiarity lies in the lack of interaction with the intestinal microflora and toxic exposure on the body. The duration of treatment is 10 days. Antibacterial agents are used in chronic prostatitis.

Anti-inflammatory method of treatment of prostatitis involves the use of drugs that slow down the spread of the inflammation to the authority. The most effective include suppositories, provide a local analgesic effect.

Physiotherapy can help:

  1. Improvement of the circulation of the lymph.
  2. The stimulation of the process of the circulation of the blood.
  3. The restoration of metabolic processes in the gland.

For physiotherapy apply to these procedures:

  • Zinc plated using an electric current.
  • The electrostimulation.
  • UHF-therapy.
  • Magnetotherapy with the help of different magnetic fields.

Physiotherapy applies when the chronic prostatitis.

The main types of funds

Given the state of the body urologist may recommend one of the following types of medicines:

  1. Candles are introduced into the body by rectal route, stimulate the metabolism.
  2. Pretty fast and efficient penetration of the drug in the blood is done using needles.
  3. Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs do not give to develop inflammation.
  4. The instillation. In addition the physicians themselves introduce the drug to the right place.
  5. Micro-enema – tested folk remedy. To do this, use a warm herbal teas for better treatment. Micro-enema is placed before the sunset, hypothermia, and overexertion of the prostate, after this procedure, is unacceptable.
  6. The pills have a wide enough range of effects, are often used it is antibacterial. This is especially true in situations where the pathogens of the disease has not yet been able to determine.
  7. Painkillers greatly ease the life of people. But before you apply need it is necessary to clarify the dosage of a drug.
  8. Alpha-blockers can slow down the work of the alpha-adrenergiques in the body.
  9. A similar effect have the muscle relaxants, only that they operate in the perineal area, which, in the course of prostatitis is always increasing tone. The impact on the pelvic region is deteriorating dramatically, and decreases the pain.
  10. Medication to stimulate the circulation of news in all types of diseases and to contribute to the rebuilding of the tissues difficulty organs. For this reason, the complex processing requires the use of medications that stimulate blood circulation.

All drugs have certain characteristics and recommended application away from all categories of patients. The greatest efficiency has a tool that is doctor chooses the patient individually.