How to treat prostatitis in a man at home: advice from doctors

prostatitis in men

What do you need to treat prostatitis at home: effective and fast? You need a list of all the different ways you can treat prostate inflammation at home, as well as extraordinary patience. After all, it is he who is missing from men, a larger percentage of them leave the course already halfway, at a time when the main symptoms of discomfort are eliminated. This is fundamentally wrong, stifling typical symptoms does not mean curing the disease to the end, we are not talking about effective cures here. It will take a long time to deal with prostatitis, quickly cure what has been "created" over the years will not work, effective prostatitis treatment is that which ends with the complete elimination of the disease.

What you need to know

Which prostatitis can be treated at home? This issue should be discussed with the treating urologist, some forms of the disease, such as acute and ongoing severe, burdened with complications, can only be treated in a hospital setting.

Treatment of prostatitis at home is acceptable in men if the disease is not complicated or chronic at the time of relapse. They mainly use folk methods designed to relieve pain and increase the body's resistance to infections in men.

At home, as a rule, prostatitis begins to be treated with the help of grandmother's drugs using herbs, decoctions, tinctures from them. The very first "effective recipe providers" are the omniscient neighbors and the Internet, but this information is not always necessary for men, sometimes it is simply harmful.

Help from a neighbor may be irrelevant, as surely a burning story will be told about how, with the help of some miracle recipe, the pain was quickly eliminated "there", but it is not a fact thatthese signs were symptoms of prostatitis. Even the informativeness of the Internet can be questioned, using information on the treatment of prostatitis at home is possible only from specialized sites, where experts tell how prostatitis can be treated at home.

All known and current methods

It is possible to cure prostatitis in men in a home setting quickly and effectively if you combine traditional methods and the main course of therapy. Ideally, a urologist should compile a list of effective methods suitable for home, taking into account the form of prostatitis in men. For general information, you can see photos of herbs or dosage forms, as well as study a thematic video.

Which methods are applicable in native walls:

  1. The use of plants and their potions.
  2. LF-complex, conventional gymnastics will help eliminate congestion in the small pelvis and reduce inflammation of the prostate.
  3. A proper, alcohol-free diet will be of great help in treating prostatitis at home.

Sexual "exercises" for men can also be attributed to the methods of treating prostatitis at home, irregular sexual intercourse causes stagnation of blood in the prostate, bacterial microflora is activated, which further improves the course of the disease, problem to overcome.

At home and on the walls - this truth has been known since ancient times, for most men, home treatment is the only acceptable option, a natural aversion to medical institutions makes them delay treatment for a long time. A good psychological environment at home creates peace and the disease is easier to cure.

By analyzing the symptoms, one can understand whether it is worthwhile to treat prostatitis in men at home, or whether therapy in hospital is necessary. So, the acute course of the disease, if symptoms of acute prostatitis prevail, and even more so a feverish state, signs of intoxication or AUR, requires immediate hospitalization: any method of eliminating prostatitis at home will not only be ineffective, but alsodangerous.

  • Massage. It is performed without exacerbations, helps to eliminate stagnation of secretions in the prostate gland. Digital rectal prostate massage can be performed on men both in the clinic and at home.
  • hot baths for prostatitisHot baths. Baths with warm solutions of medicinal herbs help relieve pain and general discomfort. The alternation of contrasts (cold and hot water) is useful for stimulating the work of the prostate gland, with the help of a contrast shower on the genital area after baths, it is possible to reduce discomfort. Baths with warm solutions of medicinal herbs help relieve pain and general discomfort.
  • Gymnastics. The simplest movement available for men at home is to walk. This does not require excessive effort or additional costs, it is enough to travel several kilometers every day, let it be the route from home to work or several stops to reach it. Physical inactivity is one of the reasons for the development of congestive edema and prostatitis; it is necessary to combat it through daily physical activity in the form of exercise in the morning or walking on the street.
  • Diet. A simple set of forbidden foods (spicy, spicy, salty, fried, alcohol, etc. ) can cause an attack of pain and exacerbation in chronic prostatitis. Stable remission can be achieved if a diet is used as treatment options, it does not have to be tasteless and tasteless - it is enough to rid the table of excess, alcohol (including beer) and semi-finished products.
  • Rubdown. Suitable for men who, for any reason, cannot use the contrast shower. Rubs help strengthen the body as a whole and help fight the inflammatory process, carry out the procedures twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, at an ambient temperature of 18-20 degrees.
  • Microclysters. They are evaluated by doctors no less than modern drugs. Warm decoctions of herbs (sage, chamomile, twine) for microclittics quickly eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of prostatitis, reduce pain and inflammation, soothe and help to recover faster.

Expert advice

Do doctors recommend treating inflammation of the prostate at home? Experts do not deny the benefits of folk methods, treatment with onion peels, garlic, celandine, poplar bark and other components of the recipes. Quickly and effectively decoctions, infusions and tinctures will help to significantly alleviate the condition, reduce the signs of the disease.

Here are some of the recipes that have a right to exist due to the high healing effect:

treatment with folk methods
  • Onion peel treatment at home. Onions of seven ailments - this popular truth is relevant to this day, in addition to phytoncides that have an antibacterial effect, onions have vitamins and trace elements, organic acids, flavonoids necessary for men. Onion peel therapy helps strengthen the immune system and effectively combat various ailments, including prostatitis. The manipulations with the onion "band" are simple, just boil it in water for 5 minutes and leave it to infuse for about an hour. Filter the broth and drink 1 \ 2 tablespoons. L. three times a day. The course of treatment does not exceed a week, the break between courses is several weeks. The manipulations with the onion "band" are simple, just boil it in water for 5 minutes and leave it to infuse for about an hour. A set of hazelnut leaves with onion peels (0, 5 tbsp. For 1 glass) pour cold water (0, 5-0, 7 l) and boil for 5-7 minutes, strain the broth, cool and put infridge.
  • Home treatment with garlic of prostatitis. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and is very effective for treating an inflammatory process of the prostate with garlic, it contains allicin, which prevents the formation of free radicals and the infection of new cells. The easiest way to treat garlic is to take it fresh, a few cloves of garlic help normalize potency, strengthen the immune system.
  • How to deal with aspen bark. Aspen bark has been used for centuries, is used as a therapy for acute and chronic prostatitis, has an astringent and diuretic effect, relieves stagnation of the bladder and normalizes the urination process itself. Treatment with poplar bark is carried out with the concomitant use of the main therapy, at home they prepare a tincture and drink 1/3 cup 2-3 times a day, chew pieces of bark or take dust. The medicinal properties of poplar have been known for a long time, what recipes exist for its preparation, you can learn from special reference materials, ask your doctor for advice or search for a suitable one on the web around the world. With the help of aspen, a man can effectively restore the functions of the prostate gland and quickly restore male strength. Aspen bark tincture is an excellent remedy for treating prostatitis.
  • Treatment with celandine. This grass growing along fences in fertile soil attracts little attention. But each child put bright yellow spots on the handle, and grandmothers treated warts with celandine juice. Celandine is also used as decoctions, tinctures or in finished dosage forms (tablets). Treatment of prostatitis with celandine is justified, it contains essential oils, vitamins, flavonoids, alkaloids and essential amino acids. Celandine is a natural antiseptic, has anti-inflammatory properties and regenerates affected parenchymal cells. However, the plant becomes poisonous in certain doses, so any independent use must be previously agreed with the attending physician.

What else do doctors advise to quickly cure prostatitis at home? Most men prefer to stop a pain attack with powerful pills, they act quickly, but experts advise to pay attention to propolis, which relieves inflammation and has a natural property for relieving pain. Most often, candles with propolis are used, the effect of their use is noticeable almost immediately.

Regular parsley can help cure prostatitis, using both its vegetables in salads and the roots and seeds, from which they prepare a decoction and drink throughout the day instead of tea or water.

Helpful hints

Doctors, in addition to recommendations on the use of various folk remedies at home in the treatment of prostatitis, recommend following these rules:

  1. Keep weight at optimal values.
  2. Exclude preservatives and semi-finished products from the diet.
  3. Reduce your intake of animal proteins by replacing them with vegetable proteins.
  4. Switch to less fatty, spicy and salty foods. All hot and spicy dishes provoke an increase in the inflammatory process in the prostate.
  5. Green tea instead of coffee helps cure prostatitis.
  6. Vegetables and fruit instead of hot dogs help you stay healthy for a long time.

Table no. 1. What is used at home



Products for beekeeping

Honey, dead bees, propolis, candles,

Pumpkin seeds

Three times a day, 30 pcs.


Drink juice 3 r \ d. before meals

Infusion of hazelnut bark and leaves

1 \ 4 glasses of 4 p \ day

Chestnut shells (decoction)

Enema 2 p. per week, volume 250 ml

Pear juice or compote

Daily use

Orchis (decoction)

1/2 cup three times a day

Manchu Aralia (roots)

The infusion is taken 2-3 r / day. 40 drops each

Achillea (decoction)

Enema on day 2 p. before the relief

The first mistake most men make when they want to treat their prostate at home is the desire to treat it quickly and ignore the additional recommendations of the specialists regarding lifestyle and nutrition. Taking drugs, decoctions and tinctures does not guarantee that the attack will not recur, if a man drinks all these drugs with a good jug of beer, polishes with vodka and eats an explosive mixture of overcooked meat, ketchup, marinades.

To understand how prostatitis is treated at home, you can study the photographic or video material available on the Internet, it is important to remember that treating the prostate is much more difficult than preventing the disease.